Awaken Realms Lite & Van Ryder Games

Retail cooperation

Awaken Realms Lite & Van Ryder Games

Awaken Realms Lite will be cooperating with Van Ryder Games, a company well known for publishing successful games like Hostage Negotiator designed by company President, A.J. Porfirio. Van Ryder Games has been providing great games since 2011, focusing on solitaire games and graphic novel adventures. But they also offer bigger games, like Saloon Tycoon or upcoming Detective: City of Angels.

Van Ryder Games

This partnership will allow making Awaken Realms Lite board games available in retail stores around the world. Van Ryder Games will be responsible for selling SiegeStorm: SiegeMode and Bees: The Secret Kingdom. Also, they will help with organizing SiegeStorm tournaments.


SiegeStorm: SiegeMode is a unique card game that can be played 1 vs 1, and also in cooperative and solo modes. Offering fresh, high-quality gameplay and also beautiful design, the game will satisfy even the most demanding players. Season 0 tournaments will be set in 2019 – you can expect mini-tournaments at retail shops with nice cards from “The Rich Goblins” set as prizes.



Bees: The Secret Kingdom will be available in stores in the second half of 2019. This is a beautifully illustrated family game about bees gathering pollen, and making healthy and delicious honey. Easy rules make this game suitable for everyone, and interactive, vibrant gameplay provides long-lasting fun and replayability.