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    It sounds the same as researching but not quite. Reading articles, books, or poems will expose you to emotions and sounds from authors that you will not get from their bios. Reading will also expose you to writers who are better than you in certain forms. While reading, you will also get ideas on how to develop your storyline. You can also borrow different techniques used in different books or articles, and incorporate them into your own. Inspiration is another thing that you will get from reading widely. You may also challenge yourself to write a better book than the one you read, making it a good motivator for you.

    Play it in Your Mind First
    Even before you start typing, you should know your book – the main characters, plot, setting and key scenes. Play the book in your mind, and if you get stuck while trying to visualize it, you will get stuck on the keyboard. A good book should flow, and your characters, scenes, and compilations should sync without any flaws. If you’re writing a romantic fantasy in the medieval times, get the mood right. Do not lead your reader on a journey to Italy only for them to end up in England. You should first establish the basics before you start writing.

    Be Original
    Just because you are venturing into a new genre does not mean that you should emulate the styles of successful authors from eliteessaywriters.com. You should come up with original content and not spin from earlier published works. A reader will automatically know a copy of plots, and twists cannot be sampled without sounding the same. You can take tips and advice from established authors but once you are labeled a ‘copycat’ your reputation as a writer fades. Know how to source for original content by studying others and brainstorming.

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