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    I thought I’d share the project I’ve started recently – the small Horus Heresy era Mechanicus army;)

    The first models I’ll be doing are the Thallax – I do like those models, they are simple, yet very characterful, with hunched, robotic feel to them, and while the poseability of the models are in fact quite limited, you’re able to make nice poses by slightly adjusting the legs position, angle of the torso and direction of the head. And I like their fabular background;)

    Enought talking, let’s share some pictures (sorry for my not the best photo skills) 😉 I’ve done a test model several days ago, I wanted to try a clean copper and steel effect, as well as some other small touch-ups, such as danger stripes.

    How does he turned out? Soon there will be more of them, as well as some Tech-priests.;)

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