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    Hey guys,

    So we are after premiere of our first comic book. This story is set after Battle of Eld-Hain events (soon the story book comes out!) and features Ebert, one of the Holy Knights.
    How did you liked the comic overall?

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    Danny Yit

    After seeing the gameplay I am really looking forward to the Universe’s entire release.

    The comic has potential, it’s short and quick with plenty of room to expand. I noticed that some of the images were created with the use of the miniatures created which really added to the already present anticipation. However, I also noticed that some shots were grammatically correct and some weren’t, some had a number of typos and some were spotless. Is the comic book still being edited? I don’t want to discourage you from manifesting The Edge’s universe but I don’t want something potentially great to be disregarded due to the inconsistently correct English.

    I also purchased the novel and I can only hope that I can get through it without any confusion created by the wording.

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    Hey there Danny,

    Glad you liked the gameplay sample! Also, thanks for feedback regarding comic book.

    Indeed, there are some typos that we did not seen before sending to print. I need to take responsibility for that, we were on a deadline (we really are working 12h a day). I sent text file to graphic artist and did not spotted the mistakes before sending to print.

    As for the overall grammatical correctness – well, this is a tricky thing you see. English language is so vastly used, that in a lot of countries things are formulated differently. We were actually hoping to get British one (with a huge help from one of our backers and another native speaker).

    From my experience, perfect translation is impossible to do and there will be always someone who will feel, like things are not correct. Thou we will put double effort into Novel for sure (we are actually working with a professional Polish – English translator with one of the highest certificates).

    Shortly – when we were adding Book and Comic Book to the Kickstarter we had no idea that delivering quality stories can take so much effort ; ) But we want a good fluff, thus we are working hard on that 😉

    Anyway, hope you did enjoy this story! I really hope that we will get to expand the story and Ebert as a character (he will be hero of one of the stories in the “Battle of Elda Hain”.


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