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    As we’d like to keep the rules simple and friendly, let do them be few and simple:)
    Before posting, please read these few rules and later keep them in mind while posting:

    Rule 1 – Let the forum be friendly to the hobbyists of all ages.

    Please hold your tongue and use the words appropriate for people of all ages.

    Rule 2 – Do not insult someone’s feelings by using the inappropriate symbols or references.

    Please do not insult religions, nations, ethnic groups and anything other that may be precious to someone. Do not use words and symbols that promote fascist and racist behavior.
    (This rule take some liberties in the case of showcasing historical models – you may freely post your German models with symbols from WWII – It’s part of the history and the models to be historically accurate will need the certain symbols to be displayed).

    Rule 3 – All of you started with hobby some time ago.

    Please be kind and answer nicely to any newbie asking for the things obvious for a more experienced gamer/modeler. If somebody asks a basic question, be kind and answer it nicely.

    Rule 4 – Be inspired and inspire others with your work!

    Critical comments are of course a good way to suggest something that can be done better or in another way, but let not your voice to be criticizing only – express what do you like about the model and suggest what can be done in another way. And be polite while doing so;)

    Rule 4 – Advertising.

    You may advertise your website, shop or Ebay auction by putting a link in your signature.

    Rule 5 – Have fun!

    Become part of our community and have fun!

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