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    Master of Spawns:

    The master of imps is a summoner, a weak wizard but powerful do to his terrible spawns. By using his minions, his spawns he will keep the enemy away as well as fulfil several purposes as his wide arrange of units to spawn all have their specific use. Making him a very tricky creature to fight.

    Though the summoner can only hold a limited amount of spawns at the time, seeing as he can only control a limited amount of them at the time, and if he would end up with too many it could potentially turn badly for him. Rule wise he probably only has a limit of up to 6 spawns active and if somehow he would get more a random spawn would disappear (Or go into a frenzy? Attacking closest model.) He probably only begin with 2 or 3 spawns ready to be used from the start and can only summon up to 1 or 2 each round. Probably determined by spellcards if it can be more tahn 1 summon each round.

    His summonings are as follows:

    *Swarm Spawn: Purpose is to constantly attack a certain enemy, they are weak but when they die they automatically summons again at the summoner.

    *Defensive Spawn: Purpose is to defend the summoner, they will always form a circle around the summoner as a protective barrier.

    *Explosive Spawn: Purpose is to run into an enemy and explode. Dealing damage to all units within 3inches or so.

    *Crystal Spawn: Purpose is to gather crystals, they can take one even if an enemy is controlling the crystal but doing so will remove the number of spawns the summoner can summon in total. Though this could be game breaking and not enough to make such a creature bad, it might be super weak or instead of it can take a crystal that is contested it is just really quick and therefore useful to grab crystals due to their fast movement. Or they have the power to “grab hold off a crystal” but only to move it around so that another unit can grab it for them. Maybe this should be a general rule for all spawns, that they cannot actually “Gather crystals” But only move them, and thus this one is good since it can hold it and move it around?

    *United Spawn: Takes up 3 Unit Spawn Slots of the summoner. This spawn is a greater creature that has the trait of at least 3 of the different spawn types. If one of the traits is that it can explode then it has an even more powerful explosion instead.


    So it is one unit whose purpose is to summon all these tiny spawns, most logical and probably balanced is to have it so he/she can summon up to 6 at most, and it is just an idea but it would be really cool having a miniature that is all about spawning units in the battlefield!

    Just me wanted to share a more thought through variant of my idea of there being a miniature game where you have a miniture that comes with minor miniatures that is it’s purpose and strength. I personally would love to see a game implement something close to that I mentioned above because usually summoning tend to be a really powerful power and in this manner it won’t be as much, seeing as this one is limited to a few number of units, all depending on the life of the summoner and the summoner’s purpose is to summon more creatures.

    Anyhow it is time for me to hit the hay! And hope you enjoy my two appearently fan-created stuff!

    Thanks and regards

    /Jesper E

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