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    2015 was a year full of work – we’ve been painting a lot of projects of different scales and proportions – from single heroes and squads to grand armies and mighty Titans. Our best work we’ve been constantly sharing with you during the passing year, and even if you missed several of the weekly showcases, you can always visit our gallery to see even more models that came from our hands.

    We’d like to ask you about our work – please tell us what do you like about it, what do you dislike, what are our strong and weak points, which techniques do you like and which are not executed well in your judgement. Do you like our airbrushing techniques or you find them lacking in some aspects? Is there a technique you’d like to see used more often? Share your opinion with us

    Please also suggest us what new approaches, things and techniques we can add to our painting arsenal to produce the best models:) Tell us what would you like to see done and in what way in this upcoming year – and perhaps you’ll be able to see it in the year that is starting!

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