Top 3 Nutrition Tips for the Busy College Students

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    Snacking, in general, is okay. It helps us to get through the day when the next real meal is still a couple of hours away. It helps us to fight hunger when we don’t have much time to eat: for example when you have exams ahead or need to come up with good cause and effect essay topics you have to submit tomorrow.

    However, if you do want the best for your health, you should keep two things in mind:

    – choose healthy snacks instead of the unhealthy ones;
    – not to overeat.

    The tricky thing about snacks is that they don’t always seem nourishing enough (even if they are). For example, nuts actually have a lot of calories in them – however, they are small, and so people could often overeat them. To avoid this, always be mindful when having a snack.


    If you didn’t practice mindful eating before, chances are you don’t understand your body’s cravings as well as you could. And it’s completely okay – actually, many people don’t understand them too.

    One of the most common mistakes people make is confusing thirst with hunger. Therefore, try carrying a water bottle with you and drinking water each time you feel hungry. After you do so, wait for 10 minutes – chances are the hunger will disappear. And if not, your body would be still hydrated, which is a good thing.


    Eating slowly will not only help you feel the food’s taste and structure better – it will also help you avoid overeating. The thing is that it takes time for our brain to register that we are full – and it could take 10-30 minutes for it to do so. Therefore, you risk overheating if you consume your meal too quickly.

    Learning how to eat healthily is a process – and for some of us, it lasts longer than for others. And it’s okay, as long as you stick to your goal and do your best to build healthier habits, such have writers from

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