The story

Your body has been taken. That’s the only thing you know for sure. Your memory has faded away, as you drifted to this strange world of dark dreams. You are an empty vessel now. Looking around, you find masks lying around. Which one will you choose? What story will you follow?

Memory chests

Your Heroes will be defined by their memory chests. These skills have some of the most surprising rules you ever witnessed in a board game – from literally escaping current reality to your “dream room” for a few turns, up to time modifying time or rewriting the reality. In dreams, no rules are unbreakable!

A living world

Every interaction you have in this strange world leaves a mark – and may lead to surprising results, as normal rules do not apply in Etherfields. You’ve managed to finally extinguish the ever-burning Lighthouse in Tideless Port?  This may help you find that key you have been looking for, but now Umbrageous will hunt you down through other dreams.

Think out of the box

Etherfields will test you in many different ways: secret rules that you can discover or deduce by looking closely on the map; drafting cards based on art or name only; guessing the intentions of entities you meet by considering what they do. Big, mind-melting concepts are the fuel of Etherfields.