A new step

ISS Vanguard blends the vast experience of AR designers, gathered in projects such as Nemesis, Tainted Grail, Etherfields, Lords of Hellas and This War of Mine: TBG. The story was crafted by one of the best Polish authors Krzysztof Piskorski and unique look due to Dominik Mayer who created an inspiring vision, based on a golden age of space exploration stories.

Begin your journey

Answer humanity’s biggest questions by exploring many strange and dangerous worlds using Planetopedia – a 44-page book with exciting Planetary Boards to play on.

Four unique playstyles

Four different sections with very unique playstyle and items like crewmember models, dual layer cardboard tray with linen finish or cards. Swipe to learn more.

Engineering section

A caste of builders and constructors who will turn new knowledge into equipment and systems unseen on earth.

Science section

Inquisitive minds that will wrestle with mystieries of alien life.

Recon section

Pioneers tasked with finding and exploring new worlds.

Security section

Tireless guardians, protecting the internal stability of the shop, and shielding others from threats found in the deep, dark void.

Use the companion app

A unique electronic version of the Log Book that enriches your experience with:
• professional voice-overs with special effects and music
• automatic saves of your choices made during the campaign
• upcoming extra functionalities, such as the dice roll probability calculator

Rules Problems? Questions? Check the FAQ!

This document answers the most common questions about the ISS Vanguard rules, while also providing any important errata. You can find the FAQ file in the Download section below.