Meaningful story

The Book of Scripts added to the game consists of over a thousand unique adventures that were written to evoke a range of emotions. Some of them have direct influence on the gameplay, some not – but all of them raise your level of immersion, so that you can feel what a group of civilians would feel being trapped in a war-torn city.

Reality impact

A system of events that were designed never to repeat in the same sequence. Every playthrough is a unique and exciting experience. The game adjusts the events you face depending on your current situation, place and time. Every game is personal.

Deep survival gameplay

At night you will go out and scavenge, searching for food, parts, meds and weapons. During the day you will try to make the best of your resources. Deadly combat, trading, shelter management, tinkering, building and side events – it is all here and you need to learn fast to reach your ultimate goal. Survival.

Aftereffect mechanics

In life, every choice we make has consequences. We translated this into the aftereffect mechanics, where the game remembers the decisions you make and forces you to face their consequences when you least expect it.

Cooperation system

The game is a full co-op, where all players are responsible for all the characters. They need to discuss and try to agree on the best course of action. At any moment of the game, the player holding the Journal will make the final decision and, after his or her phase, the Journal will be passed on to the next player.

Save game mechanism

The game’s length can be easily modified, but for those of you who want to plunge into a full campaign mode we have created the save game mechanism. It enables you to save your progress at any time. So you will be able to pick up right where you left off!