Public testing of expansions

Heroes and Hades

Public testing of expansions

Public testing of expansions – Heroes and Hades Today we would like to introduce you to public testing of expansions – since a lot of you have the games already, we will be giving you parts of print and plays that you can try out and share your feedback with us.


Few information before head:

  • Files are not final, wording is not final, ideas are not final….
  • …but we have done already tests on them, so they are not drafts either
  • Additional Gods (as example – Hades) will be possible to use in two ways – as a substitute for main Gods (as example Hades will go in place of Hermes) and as an additional God with whole new mechanic (in case of Hades – underworld and warriors of Hades). Today we will present you Hades a substitute for Hermes
  • From now on we will be aiming at sharing new PnP files every update!

Below you can find print and play download

Click to download


Trust us, you will be surprised how much Hades instead of Hermes will change the flow of the game 😉

If you would like to send us feedback, please do send it on following address