Siege Storm Development Finished

Community involvement, hard work and tons of open tests help us cross the finish line

Siege Storm Development Finished

We have fantastic news for you! We have just finished the development stage of SiegeStorm: the SiegeMode and now we are preparing final files for printing. Everything goes well, so we don’t predict any delays. And you should also expect the game in the first quarter of 2019. As we promised, we also have PnP files for you – you can find links on the bottom of the page. Additionally, here you can find a much larger Kickstarter update:

Last Kickstarter Update

For the last three weeks, we were playing and testing SiegeStorm like crazy, day by day in Ar-Bar, Wrocław. These tests were open for everyone – we want to thank every player who participated in them. And we must say that dozens of people had fun playing SiegeStorm! We couldn’t make this game as good without them. If you ever visit Wrocław in Poland (or if you fortunately live here) remember that you can always play our games in Ar-Bar while drinking a nice coffee or a craft beer. This place is full of board game enthusiasts who spend a whole night playing games, talking about games, thinking about games…

We also want to thank our Kickstarter backers for their support, and we express our gratitude towards every person who shared their ideas, comments or opinions. SiegeStorm: the SiegeMode was brought to life by our cooperative work. Great job, everyone!

Print and Play files:
Frost Giants
Spectral Shamans
Shade Slayers
Undead Realms
Wild Fairies
Evil’s Goblins