60-90 minutes
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Enter the Dark Ages of Greece, ruled by mighty Gods wielding advanced technology. Control asymmetric heroes and choose your path to victory, either by strategic control or adventure style monster hunting and quests.



In Lords of Hellas, you play as one of the legendary heroes of Greece, each with unique special abilities and starting rules. Heroes grow during the game - you can enhance their statistics, gather artefacts, collect the gods’ blessings, and raise armies.

Different Ways to Win - Conquer

We took the best elements of territory control games and combined them with other fresh ideas. Your armies will clash in a quest for control, and your heroes will be able to influence the results of battles in various ways. Your resources are limited so you need to choose whether to use your combat cards for perks in the battle — or for hunting monsters.

Different Ways to Win - Hunt Monsters

Different Ways to Win  - Hunt Monsters

Heroes can also win by killing 3 beasts of myth. This way, even with a small presence on the map, you can triumph in more adventurous ways. But it will be a hard task, and you will need to contain others players’ progress on the map. You can also hunt monsters or complete quests to gain artefacts and glory which bring their own benefits.

Different Ways to Win - Build Monuments

Different Ways to Win  - Build Monuments

Building another segment of the towering, multi-level monuments will end the turn in an interesting, non-linear way and grant additional perks. In addition, you will be able to send priests to each monument to gain special bonuses granted by certain gods. Defending a completed monument for three turns is also another win condition.



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