60-90 minutes
#Thematic #Fantasy #Miniatures #Wargame

The Edge: Dawnfall is a miniature skirmish board game for 1-4 players. Created by Michał Oracz, it brings the next level of competitive gameplay to the table. Fresh, exciting, pure and rewarding.


Rich Universe

The Edge is not just a game, but also a complex, rich universe. There is no good and evil here, just survival and the conflicting interests of several factions.

Many Fractions

The game features six asymmetric, customizable factions, each with a different set of units, as well as unique spells and skills.

It is played on two boards: the conflict board where you resolve battles, and the campaign map where you can follow branching scenarios, learn the story and impact your world.

Discover amazing campaign

Campaign mode

The Edge also has a deep campaign story mode, where the game is played on 2 boards: the overall map of the world and the regular, conflict board for resolving battles. The battle results, story decisions and optional achievements impact the world in many different ways, offering impressive replayability.

Comic and story book

Fascinating world 

The fascinating world of the Edge constantly expands. To help you immerse in it, we’ve already published a free comic book and a collection of excellent short stories.



Manuals, addons & more

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