Our Prototypes Are Getting Ready for Essen!

Siegestorm and Tainted Grail Receive Significant Upgrades

Our Prototypes Are Getting Ready for Essen!

Our preparations for the Spiel 2018 event in Essen have reached the final stretch! Recently, we have received a little box, with some rather nice components for our prototypes that we wanted to share with you:

What you can see are the 3D Character Boards for Tainted Grail, as well as tracks and counters for Siegestorm. Our prototype manufacturer, Planszowy Dobromir once again delivered on all fronts – and we’d like to thank him for his insane dedication 🙂

For more sneak peeks, be sure to visit Facebook groups of both games:

Avalon’s Fallen: A Tainted Grail Group

Siegestorm (this group is best in life)

And to personally experience one of them, be sure to visit our booth during Spiel 2018!

Hall 2

Stand B120 

Though the online reservations for Tainted Grail demos are now fully booked, we also have a couple of reserve slots – to claim one of them (or test one of the new Siegestorm factions), visit us and inquire!