The Edge: Dawnfall 1.6 Edition Kickstarter Coming Soon!

Back by popular demand, with even more content

The Edge: Dawnfall 1.6 Edition Kickstarter Coming Soon!

Over the last several weeks we were pleasantly surprised by the number of players who inquired about the availability of The Edge: Dawnfall. After its launch, the English edition of the game gathered praise from both our backers (see here) and well-known boardgame reviewers (including Dice Tower, Drive Thru Games, theMCGuiRE review), catching the attention of many new, prospective players. Unfortunately, as a product of a two-year-old Kickstarter campaign, the Edge was nowhere to be found.

This changes soon – the Kickstarter campaign for an updated 1.6 edition of the game is going to start later in October. It will include:

• New squads for each faction
• New scenarios and content
• Bosses expansion in plastic with PvP rules
• Terrain expansion in plastic
• Plastic 3D shrines and crystal sources
• Balancing fixes and corrections
• Upgrade packs for the previous backers
• Other frequently requested items and updates – please see this post for details.

To make sure you don’t miss the start of the campaign (and any early bird bonuses that may be on offer) please visit the draft page of the Kickstarter campaign linked below and click the “Notify me on launch” button!

The Edge: Dawnfall 1.6 Edition Kickstarter Draft Page

We also value any feedback you can give about the Kickstarter campaign draft – but please keep in mind it is yet far from complete and will be updated with new information as we get closer to the launch date!